About Me

I'm Ed Haythornthwaite and ever since I can remember I've loved bikes. After fixing my own I first started working in a shop as a bike mechanic when I was 16, and that trend continued when I went to university. After graduating I became the Workshop Manager at John's Bikes in Bath, a position that I held for several years. Over the years I have also been the mechanic for several high profile racers, most notably the five times Triathlon World Champion Simon Lessing whose Olympic race bike I prepared, and the Atherton's who I toured the Mountain Bike World Cup circuit with as their mechanic.

Aside from being a bike mechanic I have also run my own frame building business, making custom built fillet brazed steel frames, both road and mountain bike. I then went on to be the Technical Editor at Dirt Magazine for seven years, a position that allowed me to keep abreast of all the latest products and their mechanical requirements. As great as that job was in many ways, my hands were always itching to wield a spanner instead of a keyboard, and so that's how iFix Bikes came about.

I love bikes and can't ever imagine a day when I'm not working with them in one form or another, and transforming a bike that's a little worse for wear into one that works like a dream is my number one passion. Hopefully I can do just that for your bike.

Why Mobile?

We live in an age of convenience, yet transporting your bicycle to a bike shop for repair has never exactly been convenient. Even if the shop in question has easy parking you still have the hassle of loading and unloading your bike, and the chances are that you are going to have to make two separate trips to the shop, one to drop your bike off, and another to collect it. All this costs you time and money, so imagine how much easier life would be if you simply called someone up and then they came right to your door, at a time that suits you. Well that's exactly the kind of service that iFix Bikes offers.

If it's convenient with you then I can take care of simple repairs with my on-site service, or you can take advantage of my collect and return service which enables access to full professional workshop facilities. All bikes are safely and securely transported inside a van with custom built racking. Your bike will be cared for as if it was one of my own. Or, if you prefer you can simply drop your bike off to me yourself, saving any callout charges. The choice is yours.

Rather than increase labour charges to cover the time and costs associated with offering a mobile service I think it's fairer to simply charge a callout fee which is distance based. This way you don't pay more if you require a lot of work doing, and because the charge is per visit, not per bike, you can save money by getting me to work on more than one bike at a time. Why not ask your friends or work colleagues if they too need their bike servicing? As long as they live or work within a mile of you I can split the callout charge between the invoices.

For more information on the iFix Bikes callout charge click here.

Services Offered

iFix Bikes can take care of pretty much any bicycle repair that you can think of, from simply fitting a new inner tube to carrying out a full strip and rebuild of your bike. It doesn't matter if it's a mountain bike, road bike, kids bike, or even a unicycle, I can fix it for you. Most suspension products can also be serviced and tuned, and if it's one that can't be worked on for tooling reasons then I can arrange for this to be carried out externally should you wish. I am also a highly experienced wheel builder so if you're looking for a great new set of wheels then look no further. For pricing information on all repairs click here.

iFix Bikes stocks a good range of common spare parts, but if your bike requires a part that isn't in stock then I will happily source this for you (often within 24 hours), or if you'd prefer I am happy for you to supply your own parts. iFix Bikes only uses quality replacement parts such as cables because years of experience have taught me that it's a false economy to try and save a few quid in areas like this, you'll just be looking for new ones again before you know it.

Normal service hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, but if you require an urgent repair then subject to availability, and subject to an express service premium of +20% on labour and callout charges (minimum £10), I can carry out the required repairs as soon as possible, no matter what the time or day.