iFix Bikes can carry out almost any bicycle repair imaginable and the prices for the most common requests are listed below. If you need something doing that isn't priced then please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.

Please note all charges are for labour only, any parts required are extra. I can supply these, or you are more than welcome to supply your own.

All repairs are also subject to a callout charge, the details of which can again be found below... 

Callout Charge

Each visit is also subject to a callout charge which covers my transport costs and time. If you were to take your bike to be repaired at a shop you would most likely have to make four journeys at your own time and expense, possibly have to pay parking charges, and have all the hassle that goes with transporting a bike. iFix Bikes brings you the convenience of being able to forget about all that, I can come right to your door at a time that suits you.

If you don't need the convenience of a mobile service then you're more than welcome to drop your bike/bikes off to me yourself. I can meet you anywhere in Tintern or Brockweir for free during my normal working hours of Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. Outside of these hours may be possible, but please contact me first to arrange this.

Important - The callout charge is per visit, not per bike. This means you can save money by getting work done on multiple bikes at the same time. If you've only got one bike yourself that needs fixing then why not ask around your friends to see if they also need some work done. If so, as long as they live or work within a mile of you I can split the callout charge between the invoices. There are two types of callout charge for either on-site repairs or a collect and return service. If it suits you most repairs can be dealt with on-site, although some more complex tasks may require the use of full workshop facilities, in which case the collect and return service will be needed. I can advise you on this when giving you a quote.

The callout charge is based upon the distance to your address and to calculate the charge simply click on this Google Maps link, click on 'directions' put in your postcode, and hey presto it'll tell you the mileage (if for some reason that doesn't work, the postcode to calculate the mileage from is NP16 7NX). The callout charges below already take into account the number of journeys needed so now all you need to do is just multiply the mileage by the appropriate callout charge below... 

On-Site - £1.20 per mile

Collect & Return - £2.00 per mile

NP16 7NX to Chepstow = 7 miles
On-site callout charge = 7 x 1.20 = £8.40
​Collect & Return charge = 7 x 2 = £14.00